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Privacy Statement for the Royal Canin Veterinary Portal

Royal Canin Canada Company collects, uses and discloses personal information entered into the Royal Canin Veterinary Portal in accordance with this Privacy Statement and applicable laws and regulations. Personal information includes information regarding veterinary clients and their pets entered into the portal. Personal information does not include information regarding the submitting veterinary clinic work product information. However, personal information may include information about an identifiable user of the portal that could lead to inferences about the user.

Royal Canin's collection, use, retention and disclosure of personal information collected through the Royal Canin Veterinary Portal is governed by Royal Canin's Privacy Policy. Please review the terms of the Privacy Policy carefully.

Supplemental Terms & Conditions for the Royal Canin Veterinary Portal

The Royal Canin Veterinary Portal allows veterinarians and veterinary team members to access tools, applications, and other materials to help you manage your business. These include, for example, technical documents and the SlimFit® weight loss program. These supplemental Terms & Conditions apply to your use of this portal and incorporate the Royal Canin Terms & Conditions. For the purposes of the Terms & Conditions, 'Site' includes the Royal Canin Veterinary Portal and any micro-sites contained within the portal.

By accessing, browsing, or registering for an account on the Royal Canin Veterinary Portal you accept, without limitation, the Terms & Conditions and these supplemental Terms & Conditions.


The Royal Canin Veterinary Portal is intended for authorized users only. Authorized users include veterinarians, veterinary team members and other qualified persons approved by Royal Canin. Royal Canin may refuse to grant authorization to any person and for any reason.

Client Enrollment Obligations

If you register to create an account on the Royal Canin Veterinary Portal, you may be permitted to access certain features and applications. Some applications enable you to enroll your clients in Royal Canin supporting programs, such as Royal Canin's SlimFit® weight loss program. You agree that you will only enroll clients that consent to registration in the specified Royal Canin program and that provide their information to you for the purposes of registering for the specified program. You agree that the client information entered will be true, accurate, current and complete. You will disclose to client's that you are providing information to Royal Canin for use in the Royal Canin supporting program and that this information will be used for the purposes of the program in accordance with Royal Canin's Privacy Policy.

Medical, Health and Fitness Information

The Royal Canin Veterinary Portal contains information relating to various medical, health, and fitness conditions of pets and their treatment. Certain applications of the Royal Canin Veterinary Portal, including the Veterinary Case Consultation Service, allow you to contact us by phone or to submit a case consultation request online for individualized consultations.

Medical, health, or fitness information or advice provided by Royal Canin is done so in a manner consistent with the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association's (CVMA) positioning on 'Telemedicine'. As the Attending / Primary Care clinician, you are responsible for the patient's (pet's) diagnosis and therapeutic regime. As the consultant, Royal Canin Canada assumes no liability or responsibility to you or your patients in respect of your professional judgment or recommendations.

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